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SinuSoothe provides immediate relief from the symptoms of sinus conditions within minutes. We are often asked how long it takes for SinuSoothe to provide long term benefits. This depends on the individual and the severity of their sinus condition. Some people have reported a vast improvement within one day, whereas for others it takes weeks. The important thing is that our nasal spray cures people and provides a long term solution. It is not just a ‘quick fix’ like the majority of nasal sprays.

SinuSoothe contains active ingredients that reduce inflammation and pain. Therefore sinus pain, pressure, dizziness and headaches are relieved.

SinuSoothe contains ingredients that have powerful anti-histamine properties, therefore it relieves a runny nose, sneezing, itching etc. It also contains powerful decongestants and anti-inflammatories to relieve nasal congestion.

SinuSoothe has powerful decongestant and expectorant properties and maintains ciliary function therefore it relieves nasal congestion and improves sinus drainage. Also, nasal congestion caused by inflamed sinuses and excess histamine (sinus allergies) is greatly relieved due to it’s potent anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties. It also desensitizes the nasal passages to allergens therefore sinus allergies are relieved.

The answer to this is YES
Unfortunately bacteria can become resistant to prescribed anti-biotics. However due to the complex nature of the combined essential oil mix of SinuSoothe, bacteria cannot become resistant, therefore it will always be effective. In addition, many of the oils have been clinically proven to assist in cell regeneration. This combined with improving blood flow to the sinus region and SinuSoothes anti-bacterial properties promotes healthy tissue growth, and eradication of unhealthy tissue. There is a theory that fungal infection is the root cause of the majority of chronic sinusitis and this is still being debated.. Nonetheless, SinuSoothe has potent anti-fungal properties and kills any fungal infection present.

SinuSoothe contains active ingredients that have powerful anti-allergy and anti-histamine properties. Histamine is produced in the body as a reaction to allergens such as pollen, dust etc. By blocking histamine production, the active ingredients in SinuSoothe can relieve the symptoms of hayfever, allergic rhinitis and allergies such as nasal congestion, runny nose, itching etc. SinuSoothe also desensitizes the nasal passages to allergens, removes airborne allergens and relieves inflammation and the associated symptoms.

SinuSoothe contains active ingredients that have powerful decongestant, expectorant, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. Therefore it relieves nasal congestion, sinus pain, sinus pressure, dizziness and associated headaches. The improved sinus drainage and the powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of the active ingredients can help in preventing a bacterial infection of the sinuses.

Anyone can use SinuSoothe except;
– women who are pregnant or suspect they are pregnant.
– children under 12 years old.
– people who are allergic to any of the ingredients.
– people with nut allergies.

SinuSoothe is 100% natural and is completely safe to be used occasionally or daily for chronic conditions.
It has no known side effects, is non-addictive and has no known drug interactions. Upon initial use you may experience a sensation which lasts a few seconds. This sensation is part of the process that allows the ingredients to work. Temporary discomfort such as mild burning, stinging, sneezing and an increase in nasal discharge may result.

Yes it can.
SinuSoothe can be used to replace your existing nasal spray. It alleviates the symptoms of your nasal congestion, sinus pain/pressure, dizziness and headaches. It is completely safe and non addictive. Use of this nasal spray is beneficial to your sinuses long term, not detrimental, like over the counter nasal sprays. This nasal spray will not cause a rebound effect and what we have found is that it improves sinus health, therefore you should be able to use it less often.

SinuSoothe is a great natural alternative since ;
– it treats the root cause of the medical condition and does not artificially mask the symptoms.
– unlike steroids it does not have to be used every day to be effective, it can be used when required.
– unlike steroids there are no side effects when you stop using it.
– it is non-addictive.
– unlike chemical nasal sprays there is no rebound effect when you stop using it (the symptoms do not worsen).
– the more you use chemical nasal sprays the more you need them whereas the more you use SinuSoothe the less you should need it.

Sinubalm FAQs

Sinubalm can be used to reduce and eliminate the symptoms of:

  • Hayfever
  • All types of sinus allergies caused by dust, mold, dander etc
  • Fungal sinusitis

Hayfever & Sinus Allergies
Sinubalm is a natural nasal barrier that is applied to the inside of the base of the nostrils to catch allergens such as pollen, dust, mold, dander etc. before they enter the nasal passages thus relieving the symptoms of hayfever and other sinus allergies.

By reducing the amount of allergens such as pollen, dust etc. that enter your body you can not only reduce the severity of your symptoms but you can also eliminate the symptoms altogether. Many people with allergies have what is called a ‘trigger level’. By keeping allergens entering your body below this ‘trigger level’, often, allergy symptoms do not even occur.

Sinubalm is extremely effective at relieving and eliminating sinus allergy symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, itchy eyes, sore eyes etc.

Fungal sinusitis
Fungal sinusitis can be caused by airborne mold and fungi. By applying Sinubalm to the inside of the base of the nostrils, this mold and fungi can be trapped before it enters the nasal passages. Less mold and fungi means less chance of developing fungal sinusitis.

Nasal pollen barriers have been scientifically proven to work. The clinical study below has been published in the US National Library of Medicine Natural Institutes of Health. Please click on this link to see the details of the clinical study.

We also have countless feedback and testimonials from our customers, some of which we have published (see testimonials) proving beyond doubt that it works.

Sinubalm contains no added fragrances or essential oils. Most people say it does not have any noticeable odour. It is suitable for those with sensitive skin.

Sinubalm contains natural, safe ingredients therefore it can be used daily, on a regular basis without causing side effects. It won’t cause any drowsiness and can be used by children, pregnant women and breast feeding mothers.

One of the great things about Sinubalm is that it can be used alongside your existing medication or nasal spray. Many people combine Sinubalm with our nasal spray SinuSoothe as it is a winning combination.

In the unlikely event it does not reduce or eliminate your symptoms, we offer a full refund.

Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus Dulcis), Beeswax (Cera Alba)

Anyone can use Sinubalm except the following:

  • Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients
  • Do not use if you have a nut allergy.